LUX Supports Female Athletes Worldwide

lux stands with female athletes

Unilever's global beauty brand, LUX, has launched a campaign to combat everyday sexism, particularly in the context of sports media. The campaign, titled #ChangeTheAngle, aims to shift the focus from objectifying women's bodies to celebrating their athletic achievements and strengths.

The Problem of Objectification in Sports Media

Women in sports are disproportionately objectified by media coverage. Research indicates that women are ten times more likely to be objectified by camera angles that focus on certain body parts compared to their male counterparts. This objectification is not limited to the sports arena but is a pervasive issue across society. It is a form of sexism that can undermine women's confidence and diminish their achievements.

The #ChangeTheAngle Campaign

LUX has partnered with South African NGO, Sonke Gender Justice, to address street harassment and change social norms that reinforce everyday sexism. The campaign involves training religious and community leaders, media personnel, teachers, and student influencers to create safe spaces for women to express their beauty authentically.

The Durban Open Women's Beach Volleyball Tournament

At the highly anticipated Durban Open Women's Beach Volleyball tournament, female athletes sported QR codes on areas where cameras typically focus. Upon scanning these codes, viewers were directed to a short film titled "Hey Camera," which calls on those behind the cameras to end the objectification of women and focus on their strengths.

The Role of Media

The media plays a significant role in perpetuating this objectification. LUX is urging broadcasters and photographers to reconsider their portrayal of women in sports. The brand has shared six guidelines for media professionals to follow while filming women in sport, emphasizing the importance of focusing on their skills and achievements rather than their bodies.

The Impact of Objectification

Objectification can have severe consequences for women in sports. It can diminish their achievements and undermine their confidence. LUX believes that beauty should be a source of strength, and the focus should be on celebrating the beauty of women's strength, skills, and achievements in sport.

The Campaign's Ambassadors

The campaign has garnered support from influential figures such as Caster Semenya, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, and Zozibini Tunzi, former Miss Universe. These ambassadors have helped spread the message of the campaign through their online and real-world influence.

The Positive Beauty Mission

The #ChangeTheAngle campaign is part of LUX's Positive Beauty mission, which aims to champion progressive commitments and actions for its brands. LUX is one of South Africa's most iconic heritage brands, representing women and challenging stereotypes by supporting them in various aspects of their lives.


LUX's #ChangeTheAngle campaign is a bold and powerful initiative that aims to change the way women are portrayed in sports media. By shifting the focus from objectification to celebration, the campaign seeks to create a more equitable and inclusive environment for women in sports. The campaign's impact extends beyond the sports arena, addressing a global issue of everyday sexism and promoting a more positive and empowering vision of beauty.